Providing Exceptional Service With Your Mustang Needs For Over 25 Years

For over 25 years DaSilva Racing has been providing the best possible service in all of your mustang needs, ensuring that your car is treated even better than our own, whether its general maintenance, dyno tuning or performance upgrades. We offer a substantial amount of services for Mustangs and other Ford vehicles, and we are constantly making sure we offer the most we can to provide all our customers with exactly what they need. We work on Mustangs from 1979-2018.

Custom Dyno Tuning

At DaSilva Racing we can custom tune your vehicle with advanced software from SCT. Ranging from OBD 1 to OBD II Ford cars and trucks. Tuning will improve horsepower, torque, drivability, throttle response and gas millage. We can dyno any 2WD cars as long as they are not diesel.

Complementary Lounge

Our customers are the reason for our success. This means that the comfort and approval is paramount to our success. When waiting for your vehicles upgrades to be finished we offer a comfortable seating area which includes, free WIFI, Satellite TV and beverages. 

SUNDAY AUGUST 9TH! We are deeply saddened to have to cancel our annual Sick Kid's show due to Government regulations and Covid19, but that does not mean we had to give up with giving back to Sick Kid's. With the support of our Premier Doug Ford, OPP, Durham Police Department and Toronto Metro Police we will be hosting the Dasilva Racing 2020 Sick Kid's Fundraiser Cruise for Life! The cruise will leave Dasilva Racing at 10AM, so be fueled up and ready to go! We will have a drive through cash donation bin and we are asking for a small donation of $20 per car, or whatever you are willing to donate. The cruise will leave at 10AM, escorted by OPP and Doug Ford along the 401 to the Don Valley Parkway, to Sick Kid's Hospital. Cruise Route: Leaving at 10AM at Dasilva Racing (960 Brock Road), 401 east to DVP, DVP to Sick Kid's Hospital police escort lead by Doug Ford and OPP, Durham police and Metro Toronto Police. We will have a drive through donation at the shop, t-shirts will be available for $20, We will be going LIVE for the auction at 9:00AM on Facebook, after the cruise to Sick Kid's everybody will leave from the hosptial. We encourage all makes and models to join us, We are hoping for a $20 donation from every car, and of course all proceeds go to Sick Kid's hospital, for a great cause. Please be at the shop ready to go no later than 9:45AM SHARP

New Pricing Structure From DaSilva Racing, Lower Prices – Better Savings!


While the dollar continues to plummet, we’re constantly getting hit with “lousy economy” charges (exchange rates, duties, brokerage, etc…). We had the opportunity to take a trip to Indianapolis in December to talk to our suppliers… Read More 

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