As supporters of speed, we like to take these vehicles to their limits to see what they can do. If you’re like us, you should consider driving your vehicle the way it was intended: “Enthusiastically”! Chase your friends down or practice your getaway driving (aka, emergency maneuvering) on the road course. Either way, you can have a great time while everyone else is at work!
THIS EVENT IS OPEN TO ALL MAKES AND MODELS with the following conditions:
– No Open Wheeled Vehicles (Formula Cars, 4-Wheelers, Dune Buggies, Go-Karts, Motorcycles, Forklifts, Golf Carts, Hovercrafts, Tanks, Buses, Horse-Drawn Carriages, etc…)
– Convertibles allowed. Must either have roll cage (to run top-down) or working top (will be required to keep the roof closed).
– Brake lights must be functional.

Make sure you give us a call to get your vehicle prepared for these events.

Good morning everyone! Please join us at Dasilva Racing for our annual open house, meet and greet! Saturday April 21st, join us at the shop from 1PM-3PM for food, beverages, hot wheels for kids, giveaways and much more! Come and tour the shop, and hang out for a fun afternoon!
We would also like to invite all of the clubs to announce their dates for the 2018 season!

Hours of Operation Banner 2016 lunch hours facebook NEWWinter Hours Starting November 1st

Reminder, we will still be closed for lunch between 1-2pm

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While the dollar continues to plummet, we’re constantly getting hit with “lousy economy” charges (exchange rates, duties, brokerage, etc…). We had the opportunity to take a trip to Indianapolis in December to talk to our suppliers and work out some better rates and make things more affordable for you, the consumer. It goes without saying that the American manufacturer knows little to nothing about importing costs and struggles for Canadian companies but the look on their faces while we explained our predicament (particularly with the incredibly weak Canadian Dollar), was very telling and priceless! The common question we heard was along the lines of “how can we get you guys to sell more of our product?” The common answer “lower your costs”.

We managed to get through to several of our manufacturers and worked out some better pricing and procedures for importing components into Canada so this year, we’ve been working on making our pricing even lower than it has been in the past. There are certain manufacturers who we are able to match or beat regular advertised pricing almost 100% of the time. Those companies are listed in the banner above.  We’ve also introduced FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING within Canada!

We do have some decent pricing for many other manufacturers as well so if you’re looking for anything in particular, please give us a chance to price them out for you to meet or beat pricing.

We’ve also linked our Webstore to our Facebook page so you can shop while you update yourself to the latest minion posts!

Borla Banner

We’ve always brought you the best products and pricing as they becomes available to us.  We took a trip out to a trade show to speak with some of our manufacturers about their pricing and the difficulties we face as Canadians with ever-varying exchange rates, duties, customs, brokerage and so on.  We’ve come up with a new system with our distributors that allows us to play with pricing a little more so we can reduce costs into Canada and offer you even lower costs.  Our focus has always been bringing you quality products and affordable pricing.  Our efforts will now enable us to offer guarantees on lower pricing for select products due to our relationship with our manufacturers, starting with Borla.  Borla has always been our #1 seller for performance exhaust systems and we’ve always been competitive with pricing BUT now we’re giving you a one-stop shopping opportunity that gives you the confidence that nobody will beat our pricing in Canada.  If you find a better regular advertised price anywhere in Canada, we will match or beat that pricing on all Borla products.  We don’t stop at Mustangs either.  If Borla offers it for your vehicle, we’ll get it for you AT THE LOWEST COST IN CANADA!  Go ahead, shop comfortably.  Give us a call and tell us what you need.  905-837-7700


It doesn’t stop at Borla……

We’ve been working on refining our processes and focusing on key brands that have incredible history and offer top notch customer service.  The following brands are among those with whom we have an incredible relationship and have acquired the best pricing possible to save you money.

BBK Performance / BMR Suspension / Cervini’s Auto Designs  

Classic Design Concepts / Flowmaster Mufflers / JLT Performance  

Magnaflow Performance / Roush Performance / SCT Performance / UPR Products

We’ll match or beat any Canadian regular advertised pricing on the above manufacturers (FOR ALL LINES).  Just give us a call and let us know what you need so we can start saving you money!

All we’re asking is that you spread the word and let your friends know who’s saving you money!

Banner - Weathertech 2015


If you’re like us, you take very good care of your vehicle and since we live in the Great White North, it’s a yearly struggle to keep our floor mats and carpets away from road salts in the Winter.  These custom fit digital laser-printed floor mats are perfect to keep your vehicle looking brand new!  They have integrated channels to divert water to the door sills and keep your vehicle from premature wear.  Give us a shout today and let us know what vehicle you’re driving (we are not limited on any vehicle) and we’ll get you a set right away.  Prices range from roughly $130-$250 depending on your vehicle and which mats you want (front and/or rear).

CoverCraft Banner


While you’re preparing for Winter, be sure to pick up your custom car cover before the white stuff falls!

  • Custom fit for almost any vehicle
  • Durable, overlapped, double-needle stiched seams
  • Reinforced non-scratch grommets
  • Urethane Elastic sown into front and rear hems
  • High-Performance, non-woven fabric
  • Maximum UV Protection
  • 4-Layer barrier (protects against bird droppings, tree sap and industrial pollutants)
  • Dries Easily
  • Breathable
  • Impact Absorption
  • 4-Year Warranty
  • Outdoor/Indoor use
  • Available with your choice from many logos

Starting at $289.00 + tax, make sure you protect your baby from the elements and beyond!  Orders yours today!!!

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We’re always trying to keep up with newer product and innovations….

Redline Tuning provides hassle free hood strut systems for multiple makes and models.  Whether you own a Ford, Chrysler, GM or import, they likely have a system for your vehicle to remove that unsightly (and obtrusive) prop rod.  Clean up the look of your pride and joy with Redline Tuning Hood Struts.  Available for stock and aftermarket hoods.  Various Mustang systems in stock now!

Oracle Lights offers innovative lighting solutions for your vehicle AND HOME!  If you’re looking for Headlights, Fog Lights, replacement bulbs, interior lights, LED’s, HID’s, Halo rings, Undercarriage lights or if you’re looking for something even more extreme, they have the solution for you.  These systems are not limited to brand or model, we can find limitless products for endless possibilities.  Check out the website and let your imagination run wild!

A full list of manufacturers is available on our manufacturer page which can be found by clicking on the link in the drop down menu above.



Thank you note with smiley face , isolated on white

Hello Everyone!

We are super excited to share that our final number was over


for Sick Kids Hospital!

We wanted to thank each and every one of you who made our 8th Annual Charity Open House for Sick Kids a HUGE success! We had incredible weather, fantastic cars and an amazing turnout.

Special Thanks to:
– Al Tucci  –  Rick Kopp and his team  –  Tony, Mike and the crew from Big Boys Burgers  –  Clara DaSilva who was painting faces all day  –  Travis from Classic Design Concepts  –  Cozza Brothers  –  Classic Towing for our “Stage”  –  Yves Ouellette, Our Faithful DJ  –  Zoo to You  –  George from Mr. Sub  –  Scott and GTAMC  –  Rick and TMC  –  Paul and DRCMC  –  Barrie Mustang Cruisers (who went above and beyond)  –  Tim and Brenda  –  Warren and Kent from Toronto ETF  –  Pickering Fire Department  –  The Ice Cream Truck  –  All of our volunteers (particularly our young judges)
and finally….
– Mother Nature for making up for her miss shift in May.

Have a great week!