Tech Support Banner

Our experience with Mustangs has made us very fortunate to gather an infinite string of supporters and customers that makes our profession worthwhile.  We’ve spent years perfecting recipes for your Mustang that will ultimately allow you to enjoy your vehicle with less hassle, headache and worry as some of our competitors who simply “like” the Ford Mustang.  This is our life, we live and breathe Mustangs and continue to develop new and more efficient ways to help you get the most out of your stang.

With this experience, comes inquisition….While we don’t mind helping each and every last person who contacts us looking for advice or technical support, we do not have the convenience of larger corporations to allocate tech support agents for any stretched length of time.  This is why we ask the following:

1)  Phone and Email

– If you’re looking for tech support, please call between the hours of 9:00-10:00 am.  We try to set this time aside to answer your questions and give you the most up to date information so you can make an educated decision for your vehicle.

2)  Please give us time

– We are overwhelmed by the quantity of calls and emails we get on a daily basis for information regarding their vehicles.  We always appreciate our customers giving us the first opportunity to help with their vehicle but do not have the support staff required to handle every call right away.  Please allow us a few days to get back with you as we do prioritize our walk-in and pre-scheduled customers.

3)  Priority Courtesy

– We have developed some very precise formulas which we incorporate into each customer vehicle.  We do not mind sharing this information but we would very much appreciate the opportunity to provide the parts and service required to complete your build, no matter how large or small.   We are very competitive with our pricing as we are direct with a great deal of manufacturers.  If you have called upon us for our advice, we have invested our time in you and your project; please consider investing in us to perform the necessary work for your vehicle in return.

4)  Spread The Word

– Word of mouth advertising is crucial in this field and we always appreciate our customers telling their friends and family to give us a ring for their Mustang needs.  Please help us serve a broader audience by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter and sharing your experience.