Custom Dyno Tuning

At DaSilva Racing, we have made an investment in training courses to bring you the very best that custom tuning has to offer. Matt had been through the training program and is an SCT certified Custom Tune Specialist who puts his heart and soul into getting the very best performance out of each and every vehicle that comes through the door.

Dyno Pulls measure your vehicle’s horsepower, torque and air/fuel ratio, this is done on our Dynojet System. Printed dyno sheets are handed to each customer once complete. Stop wondering and know for sure.

NOTICE TO PUBLIC: Dyno tuning is NOT a quick fix for all vehicle faults and failures. This is not a cure for: faulty fuel pumps, misfires, ticks, blow by, tired motor, leaking injectors, bad wiring, poor workmanship, plugged catalytic converters, old/incorrect spark plugs or gaps, vacuum leaks, blow off valve installation and placement, mass air location, ETC. Theses are things that will give poor results to a dyno session. we do not have access to the “Magic Wand”: which fixes all these components while tuning your vehicle. PLEASE make sure your vehicle has the proper components and is running correctly prior to booking your appointment. We can certainly get your vehicle prepared, however a separate appointment will have to be made. We require clear, detailed picture of the engine compartment to be sent in before we can book an appointment.

Additionally, we have noticed a trend in ailing components for older model vehicles. Please be aware that vehicles built on or before 1998 model year have been delivered to us with rotting wires, bad grounds, faulty sensors and other similar glitches. We do our best to eliminate surprises and unexpected expenditures but there are issues that need to be resolved prior to putting your vehicle on the dyno. We have also received many tuning devices that need to be updated. Please ensure that your device is updated prior to your appointment and be advised should we need to update your device, there will be additional fee associated with this process.

Dyno Information Sheet– To be completed in full prior to setting up an appointment. $50 Cancellation fee if 4 day notice is not met.

If you have a club that you would like to set up an exclusive Dyno day for, give us a call and we will be happy to set up an exclusive day for your club to compare power ratings and settle once and for all, who deserves the bragging rights.


Dyno FAQ:

A: Yes! We encourage our customers to stay and observe the process, ask questions and get familiar with the operations and functionality of their vehicle.

A: Yes! As long as your vehicle operations on Two-Wheel Drive basis, we can run it on the dyno. We can not run AWD vehicles on our dyno and we do not allow diesel. The only other vehicle that has not been able to run on our machine is the Ford Raptor due to is wide wheel base, however we are working on a solution for this.

A: No, our software only allows us to tune Ford vehicles. 

A: Times will vary depending on applications and upgrades, however most initial custom tunes will be a minim of 1.5-2 hours.

A: During winter months, we can accommodate lead times of 2 weeks. During our bust season in the Summer, we generally need about 3-4 weeks advance notice for dyno tuning appointments.

A: No, we keep a very clean shop and smoke makes a big mess.

A: Yes, we reserve Fridays for tuning of any vehicle that was not built by Dasilva Racing. Please note: we do not guarantee the mechanical work on any vehicle built outside our shop. we have no way of knowing what was done to the vehicle aside from what we are told. Please be sure to province in-depth information regarding your vehicle when planning your dyno session. Dyno tuning sessions for cars built outside of Dasilva Racing are billed at 250/hr.

A: You can check out our dyno services page for more information and if you still have more questions you can call us at 905-837-7700

To schedule a dyno appointment or tuning session give us a call: 905-837-7700

At DaSilva Racing we can custom tune your vehicle with highly advanced software from SCT. Ranging from OBD 1 to OBD II Ford cars and trucks. Improve horsepower, torque, drive ability, throttle response and gas mileage: the ultimate combination for your ride. Rev limiters can be changed and speed limiters eliminated. Call us for any inquires regarding tuning or making dyno pull throughout the year.