General FAQ:

A: We are located at 960 Brock Road Pickering Ontario, Canada L1W 2A1.

A: Our phone number is 905-837-7700

A: No, we do work on all ford vehicles and many different types of vehicles ranging from F-150 to Ram trucks but we typically leave larger projects to mustangs only.

A: We work on Mustangs ranging from 1979-Current.

A: We are closed for lunch from 1:00-2:00.

Q: Our hours of operation can be found at the bottom of the home page and the contact page.

A: Give us a call at 905-837-7700.

Dyno FAQ:

A: Yes! We encourage our customers to stay and observe the process, ask questions and get familiar with the operations and functionality of their vehicle.

A: Yes! As long as your vehicle operations on Two-Wheel Drive basis, we can run it on the dyno. We can not run AWD vehicles on our dyno and we do not allow diesel. The only other vehicle that has not been able to run on our machine is the Ford Raptor due to is wide wheel base, however we are working on a solution for this.

A: No, our software only allows us to tune Ford vehicles. 

A: Times will vary depending on applications and upgrades, however most initial custom tunes will be a minim of 1.5-2 hours.

A: During winter months, we can accommodate lead times of 2 weeks. During our bust season in the Summer, we generally need about 3-4 weeks advance notice for dyno tuning appointments.

A: No, we keep a very clean shop and smoke makes a big mess.

A: Yes, we reserve Fridays for tuning of any vehicle that was not built by Dasilva Racing. Please note: we do not guarantee the mechanical work on any vehicle built outside our shop. we have no way of knowing what was done to the vehicle aside from what we are told. Please be sure to province in-depth information regarding your vehicle when planning your dyno session. Dyno tuning sessions for cars built outside of Dasilva Racing are billed at 250/hr.

A: You can check out our dyno services page for more information and if you still have more questions you can call us at 905-837-7700