WeatherTech Custom FloorLiners – Available here!

WeatherTech Floor Mats


If you’re like us, you take very good care of your vehicle and since we live in the Great White North, it’s a yearly struggle to keep our floor mats and carpets away from road salts in the Winter.  These custom fit digital laser-printed floor mats are perfect to keep your vehicle looking brand new!  They have integrated channels to divert water to the door sills and keep your vehicle from premature wear.  Give us a shout today and let us know what vehicle you’re driving (we are not limited on any vehicle) and we’ll get you a set right away.  Prices range from roughly $130-$250 depending on your vehicle and which mats you want (front and/or rear).

Car Covers


While you’re preparing for Winter, be sure to pick up your custom car cover before the white stuff falls!

  • Custom fit for almost any vehicle
  • Durable, overlapped, double-needle stiched seams
  • Reinforced non-scratch grommets
  • Urethane Elastic sown into front and rear hems
  • High-Performance, non-woven fabric
  • Maximum UV Protection
  • 4-Layer barrier (protects against bird droppings, tree sap and industrial pollutants)
  • Dries Easily
  • Breathable
  • Impact Absorption
  • 4-Year Warranty
  • Outdoor/Indoor use
  • Available with your choice from many logos

Starting at $289.00 + tax, make sure you protect your baby from the elements and beyond!  Orders yours today!!!